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Safe and packaged water in Veganbottle

Qui n'est pas puisée dans les nappes souterraines protégées.

Energize water,
it is to give him back all his energy and
its original structure.


This technology 100% natural 
allows water to be regenerated,
revitalize it.

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Water packaged in plants

Our water from the local network is a unique concept based on the preservation of our natural resources.

Packaged in its vegetable packaging in our factory in Charente-Maritime for an eco-responsible water supply.

Our process secures, purifies and energizes water

  • Chlorine removal, taste improvement

  • Deletion 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, pesticidess detected

  • Improvement of the water structure by biodynamization

VEGANBOTTLE, the bottle

  • Manufactured by LYSPACKAGING

  • Made in France

  • Does not contain petroleum

  • 100% Plant-based, biosourced (bottle + cap)

  • Reusable

  • End of life: industrial compostable, landfill, incineration

  • Biodegradable, compostable EN13432 standard

  • Free of bisphenol A, antimony and bromine

  • No end-of-life toxicity (NFU44-051) upon biodegradation in soil

Bottling water

Securing, filtration, biodynamization, rinsing, capping,
marking, controle quality, cartoning, palletization.
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la dynamisation de l'eau peut améliorer son goût, son odeur et sa clarté

Ce procédé innovant s'inspire de la nature pour rendre à l'eau du réseau local des qualités et des bienfaits.
- Purifier tout en préservant les minéraux
Retrouver la structure originelle de l'eau
- Dynamiser comme une eau de montagne

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Une bouteille personnalisée

A personalized bottle
Standard with personalized label or a unique design, like your establishment.
Easy to transport and meets the objectives of sustainable development. 
Your customers become your best ambassadors.

How to get Veganbottle Water?

Water that accompanies your customers.

Packaged in a pack of 12 bottles.

We market VeganBottle Water directly to businesses

(hotels, events, trade fairs, organic network ... RHF).

All orders must be at least one pallet.

Please contact us regarding your needs in terms of quantities and prices (decreasing according to quantities).

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